Friday, 30 December 2011

Quick Update From Me

Only me again my beloved blog followers (thats just you then Lucy) - unless others are reading this so please add comments if you feel the need to hurl abuse at me or at least words of encouragement.

Without wishing to sound like I have an alcohol problem, last night was spent with some good friends, who we dont see enough of.  Somthing to do with having children now and whats been going on this year!  But, it was good to see everyone, and at the same time have a few beers.

Come 1st January 2012, the beers will be few and far between as the training increases along with the healthy eating (along with the rest of the country, for the first month at least), where traditionally one joins a gym, goes everyday for the first month, and then its simply a wasted direct debit each month that you never actually cancel for about 6 months = biggest waste of money ever!  Trust me, I have joined a few gyms in my time and they have done well out of me not going and still paying for the priviledge.

Ok, rambling on now so I will keep it short and sweet and give the other 2 a chance to write something equally as exciting to entertain you all!.

My friend told me last night that her brother runs the London Marathon in around 2 hours 30 mins, which is nothing short of AWESOME! 
With this in mind, I set out today to run as fast as possible and as long as possible to try and match this monumental effort.
Safely made it about 500 metres down the road when the potential for my heart, and other major organs, to start falling out of places they really shouldnt due to the high speed of my heart rate,increased hugely, so I decided to revert back to my comfortable pace (virtually reverse) and crack on.

Beautiful day in the Farnham/Seale area and managed a 10K run (even after that energy session from last night sponsored by Perroni and scampi fries!  So wrong, but somehow right!).

I was pleased with the effort today and feel really good when running now.  Its weird to say but my body starts to warm up at around 3 miles and thats when I start to settle into the rhythm of the run.  In the past, 3 miles would have guaranteed me a bed at the Royal Surrey cardiac ward for the night, however I seem to be getting stronger, and dare I say it fitter.

We have bagged 18 miles this week each through our training, which is really pleasing and will be increased as of January, so watch out for the podgy bloke in a bright yellow top running around Farnham and think "have I donated yet?" 

Its New Years Eve tomorrow and of course it will not quite be the same this year as Nikki is not with us.  The reason we are running is for Nikki and to raise money for the amazing staff and facilities at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, who cared so well for Nikki and also supported the family (shamless plug for

Its a simple motivational technique when running the streets and feeling like you should probably stop because you feel tired or your legs hurt, but all you need to do is think.........Nikki didnt stop, she carried on all the way and under extreme conditions Inspirational!!  If that doesnt drive you on, nothing will.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and thanks to everyone for your continued support.  Its very much appreciated and we are so blown away by the generosity you have all shown, especially so close to Christmas.  We are already over £3000 now so cant wait to push the campaigning harder in 2012 to reach our goal, which we WILL hit with your support.

Tell your friends, update your facebook status and twitter accounts with the web site details, its the best way to spread the word and is proving to really work.

A big thankyou and see you in 2012!

M x


  1. That podgy bloke in the yellow top is no more for 2012 – I suggest looking out for the “runner” in the yellow top – possibly with a ketchup stain on it! Seriously, you are doing ace – all of you. Keep it up. The 10k and the 10 miler the other day is awesome and you are well on the way to marathon fitness. Keep up the blogging too as it makes me smile – even if it is only me!!
    Happy New Year to you and Shell. 2012 is going to be truly amazing.
    L xxx

  2. It's not only Lucy following your blog, we are fans too.
    Those last two weeks at the mill felt like a marathon to Mike and the gang but it's nothing compared to the challenge that you three have taken on. Keep up the good work xx