Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Big One!

Hi Everyone!

Right then my lovely blog followers, my turn to update you on our latest adventures as 'Team Beautiful' (just made that up) take to the road again for our longest training run to date. 
Todays target was 12 miles and I am pleased to let you know that we have not disappointed you and achieved the target in fabulous time of 2hours and 10 minutes.

I am going to upload a couple of pictures to show you our latest training clothing line, which has been kindly created by Shelly's mum Carol, a big thankyou for these especially as the ones Carol has had made come in extra large for fatboy and the giant!

I am going to warn you now that the following picture of Dan modelling the t-shirts also shows off his new running socks!  Of course we are not childish enough to mock him for these as he assures us that they are all the rage in the running world, and at no point whatsoever did people shout 'run ladyboy run' through the streets of Farnham :-)

Luckily, the picture came out a little blurred so hides his face a little.  I have done some research and in fact I think Dan has had the last laugh as the 'pantyhose' for men or 'Mantyhose' is all the rage in the USA and soon to hit the shores of the UK so watch this space for an advertising deal to be done!  See above image of how Dans forward thinking as been embraced across the water in the commercial world, its a sure fire hit!

In seriousness, the t-shirts are helping to spread the word as we ran around the local streets with a Phyllis Tuckwell logo on the front along with 'Running In Memory Of Nikki Fagg' with a lovely picture of her on our backs along with the web page for donations.

Shelly being 'cheeky' as always!  Ok,I  must point out that I am in fact wearing running tights, having just taken the micky out of Dan for his socks, however I think you will agree that mine are clearly extremely manly in a Soho kind of way, but also............they are really gentle on my skin! Mmmmmmmm.

Setting off on our merry way, we had a good idea of where we were heading and so decided to make a quick start as it was -2 Degrees C this morning so need to get moving and get the blood pumping.

Its easy to keep going when you have someone in front of you with a picture of Nikki on their back looking at you.  She is our inspiration, motivation and drive for this marathon so its good to have her with us all the way.

Well, we did it! 12 miles with no stopping in 2 hours and 10 mins, our longest yet and I have to say (at this particular moment in time) we all feel pretty good so long may it continue!

This week also included another fantastic boost to our fund raising efforts which helped to tip us over the £9,000 mark!  A truly amazing effort and again totally attributed to the fantastic supporters of our cause.  Its a tough time of year financially for many people having just come through Christmas, but still people have managed to find the odd £5, £10 or even higher to contribute to the justgiving site.  For this, we 3 are very humbled and grateful, which also gives us that extra boost to running longer and longer each week.

Shelly will update the blog again shortly with news of her week in the local press which has been very successful in continuing to spread the word.  Next stop Hollywood!!

Thank you all for following us on our journey and dont forget to tell your friends and family of the site if you feel that they would be interested.

I look forward to keeping you updated on 'Mantyhose gate' and really dont look forward to the return of compliment from my fellow runner Dan (go easy on me Dan, been friends a long time now ha ha).

Take care all.

Marcus :-)

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